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Waterwheel has helped hundreds of organizations solve their tool tracking problems. We can help yours, whether you're upgrading an existing system or just getting started. That may sound like hype, but it's true! Our product line ranges from a low-cost 'lite' version to highly customized, multi-warehouse installations.

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Announcing Tracker 8

While some parts aren't finished (most notably: the billing and repair and maintenance modules, due this Winter), an early-release version of Tracker 8 is ready to go.

Tracker 8 is a major upgrade from Tracker 7 (for details see a comparison of Tracker 7 and 8). It's cloud and browser-based, which means it runs on any computer, smart phone or tablet with no installation required. Field personnel can check inventory levels, find equipment and order items using the portable devices they already have.

Contact us if you'd like more info or are interested in upgrading. Under most circumstances, upgrades are free if you're currently paying for Tracker 7 support.

If you're happy with Tracker 7, no worries: Tracker 7 isn't going away. Many of our customers prefer a time-tested product. And we're continuing to add features, most recently: several improvements to the barcoding module.

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